Monday, April 22, 2013


So how can I start talking about this, um I started off by looking at a few videos on google and youtube such as a few other students may have done. And I have noticed that a few teens in the videos talk about how aware they are about everything they put online and they are cautious about the things they do online. This I thought was funny because after looking on facebook and remembering back to one of the videos played in class for the media artifact with the dad shooting his daughters laptop, kind of makes me feel like teens don’t pay attention to the things they do online. I am convinced that teens do things spur of the moment without regards to anything. Then later these are the same teens that say they know what they are doing. I would post up a few examples but I don’t want to steal any pictures from facebook or put anyone on blast by taking their post so ill just be general about it. This past weekend there was a party that I did not go too but because of all the post the next day about it, it kind of seems like I was there, there was teens saying random things about the night with a lot of vulgarity and what gets me the most was all the pictures that were up on the news feed. I know half of the teens in the pictures arent even old enough to drink but because someone was there with a camera or even their phone they was able to capture the teen in the moment and post it to the internet just as fast as they taken it. So teens drinking is a problem  but what is worst is the teens don’t say anything about taking the picture down instead they leave it up so everyone can see what a fun night they had. Well at a time like this where is all your knowledge about being aware of everything you put up cause to me you are an underage drinking.  And I seen someone else mention that if trying to go for a job they can look at your facebook to see a little more about you. What will they think when they see how you really are, irresponsible maybe. Some teens may think it is easy to hide things just because FB has a privacy setting but jobs have ways of getting around that and if your friends can see it others can find a way to see it too, such as a simple share. And like the dad with the gun and the reactions of the teens, the teens say they know what they are doing again but all it takes is for one wrong moment when a teen is upset about something their parent said and the first thing they do is write a post that can be seen by one person and the parents find out, then oh boy someones in trouble.


  1. I'm always so shocked by teens, and adults for that matter, who are not cognizant of the way in which their internet presence is NOT as private as they think. It's so silly the way people take photos and post them doing illegal things (or just things they should be ashamed of) as if that won't be immortalized.

  2. Your post really rings true that it's not just teens that don't know what they should post online, but also adults. I did see some videos of teens talking about why they don't put things online and some were for good reasons. Good post!

  3. it's very hard to find stuff but i agree with what youre saying at times its hard to get the points across