Monday, April 22, 2013


So how can I start talking about this, um I started off by looking at a few videos on google and youtube such as a few other students may have done. And I have noticed that a few teens in the videos talk about how aware they are about everything they put online and they are cautious about the things they do online. This I thought was funny because after looking on facebook and remembering back to one of the videos played in class for the media artifact with the dad shooting his daughters laptop, kind of makes me feel like teens don’t pay attention to the things they do online. I am convinced that teens do things spur of the moment without regards to anything. Then later these are the same teens that say they know what they are doing. I would post up a few examples but I don’t want to steal any pictures from facebook or put anyone on blast by taking their post so ill just be general about it. This past weekend there was a party that I did not go too but because of all the post the next day about it, it kind of seems like I was there, there was teens saying random things about the night with a lot of vulgarity and what gets me the most was all the pictures that were up on the news feed. I know half of the teens in the pictures arent even old enough to drink but because someone was there with a camera or even their phone they was able to capture the teen in the moment and post it to the internet just as fast as they taken it. So teens drinking is a problem  but what is worst is the teens don’t say anything about taking the picture down instead they leave it up so everyone can see what a fun night they had. Well at a time like this where is all your knowledge about being aware of everything you put up cause to me you are an underage drinking.  And I seen someone else mention that if trying to go for a job they can look at your facebook to see a little more about you. What will they think when they see how you really are, irresponsible maybe. Some teens may think it is easy to hide things just because FB has a privacy setting but jobs have ways of getting around that and if your friends can see it others can find a way to see it too, such as a simple share. And like the dad with the gun and the reactions of the teens, the teens say they know what they are doing again but all it takes is for one wrong moment when a teen is upset about something their parent said and the first thing they do is write a post that can be seen by one person and the parents find out, then oh boy someones in trouble.

Sunday, April 14, 2013


Tonight’s post is about Glee, I have never seen an episode of it, or never really had any intentions of watching it. I guess for my first time watching it, it wasn’t that bad even though it reminded me of another movie I’ve never seen but heard of, the first episode kind of mimics the movie. The movie is High school musical, since I have never seen neither one of these I can’t really say much about what really goes on except in both they are both doing a lot of singing, they both have a male athlete who doesn’t want to sing at first because of how the rest of the people in the school or the rest of the team will look at them. The males feel the need to live up to a certain standard to be popular and if they do what they really like such as singing it is challenging their roles.

As part of the assignment I am supposed to analyze the LGBT Bullying issues that occur in the show Glee. From what I notice in the first episode “Pilot”, it starts off with the only openly gay male getting thrown in to the trash by a posse of the football team lead by the Quarterback, who I also thought could have been a little confused at first and was bullying out of anger. I thought this because before the boy was about to get thrown in the trash he made a remark about his jacket being made by someone famous and the quarterback was kind enough as if he knew the maker of the jacket an let him take it off first, if he was a really bully which he was trying to be he would have just tossed him in anyways. Then moving on to the music teacher I thought it was funny how the cheerleader was jealous and made up a story about him to get him fire just because he was touching the football player. She was jealous that the teacher being a male (he looks as if he could be gay, but says hes not) was touching the guy he likes.

In the episode “never been kissed kiss” it was kind of an obvious episode of the LBGT getting bullied, again it starts off with Kurt being pushed into the lockers by a big football. Later in the show the football player kisses Kurt which explained a lot, it explains why he was always mad. Its because he was a big football player a “jock” so he was suppose to live up to the standards of being a jock but also the reason why he was mad was because he doesn't know how to come out with being gay. He is clearly confused and has a thing for kurt but the only way for him to control himself is to take out his anger and push him around. Personally he was just confused scared and didnt know how to react. There was a few other things that happened like Coach Beast getting forced to quit. Everyone  thinks because she is manly looking that she must be gay but she is not and she has feelings like everyone else. 


  • Does Kurts dad know he is gay?, i know some parents can be in denial sometimes and cant see the obvious.
  • Why didnt Kurt tell the principal the football player was gay? it would have explained to his dad why he has been acting up lately and motive to bothering him.
  • Does Kurt really need to change schools? I know the other school has a no tolerance for bullying, but he finally has support at this school and his new brother who says he is going to step up and help him.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Hip Hop #9

Ok so what can I say about this… to me the whole video seemed a little scattered like I couldn’t understand exactly what she was trying to say or the point she was trying to make. Yes I know she was talking about Hip Hop Wars and she mentions how gender and race are part of hip hop, this I agree. She then goes on to explain that everyone can in a way share hip hop as  a way of sharing popular culture, but even though we share this culture of hip hop we don’t share the same lived experiences.  This I also agree with because everyone can in a way share the same culture. What I mean by this is everyone can share like the same religion, food, music, style of clothing, etc. they can share all of this yet be from a different race and gender, but nobody can share the same lived experiences. This is where gender and race can differ in this so call hip hop war. Even twins don’t share the same lived experience no matter how similar they may look. So for each gender Male and Female their views on a topic is going to be different and its even more different with race.
She then goes on to talk about where Hip Hop started, it started on basketball courts, and how through the re-use of technology, how it changed the relationship of pre recorded sound. They used the baseline of other songs to build new songs, such as taking parts of one song and changing it a little to make it sound different . I have seen this over and over now that I am older, I have heard the start of a song and my first thought is “hey I know this song”, based on the beginning beat, then the song starts playing and im like what is this I don’t know this song. This is what I have seen for myself with using other songs as a baseline.. or even Jay Z ill use him as an example he changed the little Annie song and made it his own the “Hard Knock Life”. This is the idea of sampling that Rose talks about. It all started off from these people going to vocational schools instead of schools for higher learning. This is because they was only going to school to learn how to work out in the real l ife, jobs such as pluming or being an electrician  They became good at what they was doing that they built their own equipment and knew how to work everything the way they wanted to just from learning to work at a dead end job, they made something out of nothing, they was


-->Is Hip Hop really on the verge of dying? (there are always going to be people making mix tapes and everything in the so called Underground)
-->Does a rapper or singer have to like quote and source things when they take other peoples songs? (like when they steal their same beat, or like Jay-Z and Annie,,,, How does all that work)

Monday, April 1, 2013


Ok so this is actually something I am familiar with, well not first hand. I’m just talking about the topic and I know because I have learned about this in my health classes. I’m not going to put down the whole article because some of it was an interesting read, my only problem with it was some of the sources where kind of old. It would have been nice if it was a little up to date. So now I want to start off with a quote that everyone knows.

“Sticks and stones my break my bones but words can never hurt me” ---> what a loud of crap this is, based on everything I’ve learned.

I wanted to start off with this because the article doesn’t say much about girls. It mostly goes on about boys
bringing guns to school and shooting other children and even teachers after being bullied. Then the article vaguely talks about girls and says why don’t girls use gun. It doesn’t say they are perfect, but it doesn’t say they are bad either and based on my knowledge girls are equally as bad as boys just in their own ways. While boys will resort to weapons and being physical which I will talk about a little later, girls will resort to bullying in a way that they don’t have to lift a finger. They will torment another girl and exclude her from things and make her feel as if she is nothing to the point that she takes her own life. This is more of a girl act of bullying but yes it does happen to boys to and boys will commit suicide from being bullied so it goes both ways. The article doesn’t say much about this because it is a little out dated. But that’s fine it, it gets its point across. Now back on to boys.

I don’t remember the exact quote but it was something like “boys without masculinity are always targets for bullies”. And this is because in most cases the child without the masculinity is always smaller and defenseless against bullies.

In the article it talks about these kids doing the things they do such as killing because they watch a lot of media, TV shows, movies, and video games. The article makes it look as if it is the main reason for doing such violent acts, yes it is for entertainment but no it’s not always the reason. I am saying this because once a boy is bullied over and over he looks at what muscular men do in movies, games, and society in order to fix their problems. The little victims of the bullies are looking for ways in order to stop the bullies “1 out of 10 kids bring a weapon to school every day”. Sometimes they are to show it off as a warning; sometimes it’s to look cool for the bullies to leave them alone, and in other cases people do get hurt. The acts are “not random at all!!” The victim goes there with their mind set on a few people; the people who torment him, others who are hurt are collateral damage or were in the way of his goal.

I’m sure I can go on about bullying all day because even innocent by-standers are considered part of the bullying now. While a bully is bullying someone, bystanders are there not preventing it from happening and by not doing anything, it is giving the bully the “GO AHEAD” to continue with what he’s doing. They would even record it to upload it to the internet.. this also goes back to the beginning about sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt you, this is one of the biggest lies because you can break your leg and it will become stronger once it heals, but words linger on for ever. and now with the media and easy access to the internet children are always open to bullying. it starts when they are in school and continues even when they are home away from everything.

Why does the article try and compare boys and girls the same way? (They both have their own ways of bullying)
What are some ways we can prevent bullying?