Monday, April 1, 2013


Ok so this is actually something I am familiar with, well not first hand. I’m just talking about the topic and I know because I have learned about this in my health classes. I’m not going to put down the whole article because some of it was an interesting read, my only problem with it was some of the sources where kind of old. It would have been nice if it was a little up to date. So now I want to start off with a quote that everyone knows.

“Sticks and stones my break my bones but words can never hurt me” ---> what a loud of crap this is, based on everything I’ve learned.

I wanted to start off with this because the article doesn’t say much about girls. It mostly goes on about boys
bringing guns to school and shooting other children and even teachers after being bullied. Then the article vaguely talks about girls and says why don’t girls use gun. It doesn’t say they are perfect, but it doesn’t say they are bad either and based on my knowledge girls are equally as bad as boys just in their own ways. While boys will resort to weapons and being physical which I will talk about a little later, girls will resort to bullying in a way that they don’t have to lift a finger. They will torment another girl and exclude her from things and make her feel as if she is nothing to the point that she takes her own life. This is more of a girl act of bullying but yes it does happen to boys to and boys will commit suicide from being bullied so it goes both ways. The article doesn’t say much about this because it is a little out dated. But that’s fine it, it gets its point across. Now back on to boys.

I don’t remember the exact quote but it was something like “boys without masculinity are always targets for bullies”. And this is because in most cases the child without the masculinity is always smaller and defenseless against bullies.

In the article it talks about these kids doing the things they do such as killing because they watch a lot of media, TV shows, movies, and video games. The article makes it look as if it is the main reason for doing such violent acts, yes it is for entertainment but no it’s not always the reason. I am saying this because once a boy is bullied over and over he looks at what muscular men do in movies, games, and society in order to fix their problems. The little victims of the bullies are looking for ways in order to stop the bullies “1 out of 10 kids bring a weapon to school every day”. Sometimes they are to show it off as a warning; sometimes it’s to look cool for the bullies to leave them alone, and in other cases people do get hurt. The acts are “not random at all!!” The victim goes there with their mind set on a few people; the people who torment him, others who are hurt are collateral damage or were in the way of his goal.

I’m sure I can go on about bullying all day because even innocent by-standers are considered part of the bullying now. While a bully is bullying someone, bystanders are there not preventing it from happening and by not doing anything, it is giving the bully the “GO AHEAD” to continue with what he’s doing. They would even record it to upload it to the internet.. this also goes back to the beginning about sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt you, this is one of the biggest lies because you can break your leg and it will become stronger once it heals, but words linger on for ever. and now with the media and easy access to the internet children are always open to bullying. it starts when they are in school and continues even when they are home away from everything.

Why does the article try and compare boys and girls the same way? (They both have their own ways of bullying)
What are some ways we can prevent bullying?


  1. Boys aren't only influence by the media but they are also told by word of mouth that being a "man" is being tough and violent. I was watching love and hip hop the other day and a son asked his father why he was crying and the father said that he wasn't, but you can clearly see that he was crying. This is because men are told that if you cry you are showing weakness and by showing weakness this means that you are jeopardizing your "manhood".

  2. People are influenced by everything around them. Its weather or not people listen and pay attention to whats around.